Backend developer

@ Lobster

Join the world changing innovative search and marketplace for Facebook, Google, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vk and more. Be part of the team in its perhaps most prominent, exciting and glorious moment! Skills MongoDB, Databases, APIs, Facebook API, Ruby on Rails, Instagram Api, Flickr What We're Building Lobster is 'Etsy for social media content' going 'Google Images for social media content'. Lobster is a marketplace enabling creative professionals to connect with real people, to find and license their social content. When we say content we mean Instagram, Flickr and other platforms to be added every month, with over 40 billions of quirky images, videos and audios available on them. Images with a story beyond photo stock, with full royalty-free license at $0.99-2.99. At Lobster 75% of the price is immediately sent to the user. By authorising your social accounts at Lobster ( you help us create the world's honest place to find and license the most relevant social content for work projects.

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