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@ Sqirt Capital

Sqirl Capital is a fast-growing early stage financial technology (fintech) startup based in Toronto, Canada focused on providing quick and easy access to short-term loans to Canadian small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). With seven figures worth of loan applications, we are growing exponentially each week. Our vision is to change the credit world for the better by incentivizing better financial management and quickly making changes in an industry rife with archaic methods. What do you do? Sqirl Capital is a provider of short term capital – through loans entirely online - to small and medium sized enterprises. Our software uses a proprietary algorithm to assess a business’s health through their online purchasing habits and their financial statements. This allows us to - in seconds - determine if a company is 'healthy' enough to receive a loan. Our unique setup allows us to have money in their account in mere hours, instead of weeks, without ever having to see them in person. We are aspiring to be the cheapest, fastest and simplest issuer of SME capital in Canada that also makes it easy and worthwhile for business owners to pay back their loans on time. Why should I care? Are you passionate about business model innovation and digital in the financial sector? Do you care about helping more small business owners get access to capital needed to weather cyclicality, grow their operations and create more jobs? Are you looking to get hands-on entrepreneurial experience with a high degree of responsibility and autonomy in a fast-paced yet awesome and caring team that is committed to ongoing feedback and mentorship? If you said yes to any of these questions, you will definitely care about reading further. What position are you looking to fill? DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR INTERN: We are looking for a Digital Content Editor Intern with strong interests in copywriting and digital marketing for an expected commitment of 10-20 hours per week. You will help us get found by SME owners searching for financing options online by making sure our search engine optimization (SEO) is top notch and working closely with our CEO and marketing staff to develop inbound and outbound digital marketing campaigns and content Your responsibilities would include: - Managing SEO – including adding appropriate meta data, categories and tags to content reflecting key search terminology - Monitoring competitor website content for benchmarking and analysis purposes - Advising on content strategies and delivery for our social media activities and email marketing campaigns

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