Platform Engineer

@ Compose

Developing software appeals to those who love to solve puzzles and apply their brain power -- and also to those, in our experience, who like working from home in their pyjamas. It is often said that one of the trickiest accomplishments in the development world is imagining, building and maintaining a complex and interconnected mental model of your entire infrastructure within your working memory. If you have experience applying this mental feat within some type of Software-as-a-Service, we have a tremendous challenge for you and a terrific team willing and able to support you through it. We need crafty engineers to help build the Compose Platform. The platform team is responsible for building and enhancing our database operations platform, which means fun systems problems — container orchestration, distributed computing, high volume data sync. If you’re interested in creating powerful data wrangling tools for thousands of developer teams worldwide, we want to talk to you. You’ll do best here if you can work without much oversight, reason about complex systems, and break big problems down into manageable pieces. Technical things we hope you're good at (or can become excellent at): Distributed Systems: Our systems have many interconnected pieces. You'll need to help make sure they all work well together. Databases: We provide databases as a service. We'd love for you to have all sorts of experience with different types of data-storage. Ruby: Skilled in Ruby. Our current systems are written in Ruby with heavy reliance on Ruby on Rails for presentation layers. Go: We apply Go in several parts of our architecture. We're excited to see what sort of character will wind up in this role... a few helpful traits include: Self Starter: We're a flat organization that gives you the respect and responsibility to operate with minimal supervision and management. Loose structure is not for everyone. Team Oriented: When you're given freedom and space to work within, it's important that you want to collaborate with others. Inventive: Sometimes you'll need to connect the dots and work off vague instructions or indicators.

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