Website Reviewer

@ are offering member of the public to join the team, by becoming a qualified website reviewer. Formally knows as usability testing, website reviewing is the process of completing set tasks that are designed to mimic what an everyday user would do on a website. Tasks and tests are implemented for researchers/analysts to gain invaluable insight to how users are interacting with their website. are offering member of the public the opportunity to join their team and become a part-time website reviewer. To be successful, you need to complete a successful sample website review – it takes 5 minutes. Once you’re recording is approved, you’ll be able to participate in paid website reviews. The website reviews vary from 5 to 20 minutes, with no reviews exceeding 20mins. Tips for a successful sample review: Speak your thoughts aloud as you complete the tasks – we need to know exactly what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling as you browse the webpage Find a nice quiet place to record your review – nothing worse than hearing the TV on in the background Ensure you have good microphone quality – we want to be sure we can hear you properly Follow the set tasks as best you can!

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